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Data Doctor Mobile Phone Inspector

Product Description: Mobile Phone Inspector is an advanced forensic tool used to fetch and display all the details of your windows based mobile phone and Sim card. The cell phone analyzer gather information including SMS details in your sim card and phone memory, all contact number with their name, IMSI number of sim card, mobile model and the number, battery number, memory status, memory capacity of sim card and cell phone, mobile manufacturer name, signal quality, and network status.

Data Doctor Mobile Phone Inspector is capable to gather call details send and received SMS detail with the sender name, etc. Phone inspection software also generates the mobile inspection report having the complete detail of your mobile phone and saves at specified location.

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Software Features:
  • Provides the complete detail of mobile phone including mobile number, battery status, signal status, network status, IMSI number, mobile model, phone book detail, mobile manufacturer detail, etc.
  • Displays the phone book entries and information about the phonebook capacity (phone and sim memory).
  • Displays the entire entries of the SMS and shows the SMS capacity of both phone and sim memory.
  • Generate the report having complete detail of your mobile phone.
  • The cell phone forensic software plays a key role during investigation and forensic search.
  • Have do-it-yourself feature and compatible with all windows operating system.